Play Monopoly Collect and Win Game to Win over $200,000,000

Do you want to earn big by playing Monopoly Collet? Then log on to and play with Albertsons to win some exciting rewards. As it’s the 9th year in the row. during this year. Albertsons is giving away a large number of cash prizes ( up to $200,000,000) for the Winners.

The Monopoly game content offers a lot more prize pools like $1,000,000 + Holiday packages, expensive cars, interior decor, family trips worth $1,000,999. So what are you waiting for, jump into your pc/ mobile and start playing today?

Rules for the Play Monopoly Sweepstakes

As we already know the users can visit www. to participate in the sweepstakes and also get the opportunity to win $200,000,000 and other rewards. below are the criteria and rules that are required to follow.

  • The minimum player age limit must be at least 18 years or more.
  • The Sweepstakes is sponsored by Albertsons.
  • The total prize value is more than $ 200,000,000.
  • Only one entry is allowed per individual with a valid Email Address.

Play Monopoly Sweepstakes Participation Quick Guide

Play Monopoly Collect Sweepstakes and Win Game to Win exciting prizes

To participate in Play Monopoly sweepstakes, users are only required to follow simple steps. As the first step, you just have to sign up at to start playing the game. And after you have successfully registered, you can start playing the game. And just simply follow the guidelines displayed on the gaming screen. After finishing the game, if your name has picked aka you have won the price, you will be delighted with the prize rewards like $200,000,000 and much more.

How To Obtain Play Monopoly Game Ticket?

If you want to participate in the Monopoly Collects and win the exciting prizes. Users are required to have Monopoly Game Tickets, And there are only two ways you can obtain these Tickets: By purchasing or Without Purchasing (Free).

Play Monopoly Game Ticket By Purchasing: Users can purchase Play Monopoly ticket package from products from any participating A Albertsons, Safeway, Pavilions, Carrs, Vons, Randalls, Arrow, Pak ‘ n Save, Tom Thumb, ACME Stores, Jewel-Osco, Shaw’s Supermarkets, Star Markets, United Supermarkets, Market Street, Amigos, United Express, Albertsons Warehouse, Lucky (Southern California only) and Super Saver store locations to win a free ticket to the game.

Customers have obtained Tickets per each participating seller offering and one game ticket per cash sale transaction over the above-listed stores. When you will buy 10 eligible items in one purchasing passes. you will get a free game ticket each. And you are only allowed to do one transaction for only 3 hours.

Please Note The eligibility to get Bonus general admission tickets doesn’t include scratch cards, alcohol or tobacco products, or other goods barred by law. And online shopping orders will not be accounted for the criteria for game tickets or bonus season tickets.

Play Monopoly Game Ticket Free: This method is also as simple as it sounds. When you have already obtained a Play Monopoly game ticket. You can earn an additional by mentioning your full name including your full postal address, state name, and pin code on a 3×5 inch card and deliver to:

MONOPOLY MON-09 Collect and Win Game Ticket Request,
Attn: Promotions Coordinator,
P.O. Box 965158, Marietta,
GA 30066.

We assure you that by doing the above-mentioned methods you will obtain at least two playing tickets for the Monopoly Collect game as a starter.

How to Use Play Monopoly Collect Tickets

As you already have received the Play Monopoly gaming tickets from website. you are required to open/scratch the gaming coupons you have received. Upon revealing there might be a special offer bid, online sweepstakes promo code, an instant reward supermarket gift voucher, an automatic prize bonus food promo, or two free gaming ticket coupon codes together with four-game indicators to be used on the monopoly board.

How to Play and Win Monopoly Sweepstakes at

These are several ways to play and monopoly sweepstakes at let’s take a look below.

Instant Discounts and Win prizes: If your ticket shows an Instant Reward voucher, you will be the recipient of the Instant Win Award.

Monopoly Sweepstakes and its Online Game: It is quite obvious that your game ticket comes with online coupon codes to gain additional online benefits. Just visit and enroll yourself just by following the official set of rules.

Do you have the 12-digit coupon code you have received? once you have submitted this code. you could instantly see whether if you won a competition or not. And you’re going to be earning one Monopoly Sweepstakes entry per file.

Via Coupon Code mailing: You can always opt for the most traditional way If you have recognized if you won a lottery. Write your full name with your full postal address, telephone contact number, date of birth, and legal signature of your full name on a 3×5-inch card and deliver it to the below-mentioned address:

MONOPOLY Sweepstakes,
P.O. Box 441208,
GA 30160.

Collect and Win Game:  To have your ticket displays stickers, stick to the same reward region positions on the official game screen. Enter the game board segment to earn the defined reward.

Prize Pool Details for Monopoly Sweepstakes at

If you have already participated in the Monopoly collect game, you have already listed. After the registration period ends the organization will reveal the list of champions.

172,017,713 number of Instant Win Game Prizes
Reward Items Reward Cost and Worth Number Of Rewards
Cash $10,000 3
Grocery Gift Card $5,000 5
CASH $5,000 5
Grocery Gift Card $1,000 50
Grocery Gift Card $100 1,500
Grocery Gift Card $50 2,600
Burger King Gift Card $25 5,000
MasterCard Gift Card $25 5,000
Visa Gift Card $25 5,000
Microsoft Xbox Gift Card $25 3,000
AMC Theaters Gift Card $25 2,000
GAP Gift Card $25 2,000
JCPenney Gift Card $25 2,000
Macy’s Gift Card $25 2,000
Nike Gift Card $25 2,000
Fandango Gift Card $25 1,000
Regal Cinemas Gift Card $25 1,000
Domino’s Gift Card $20 2,000
Rouxbe Cooking School NA 14,000,000
Grocery Gift Card $10 25,000
Grocery Gift Card $5 200,000
Free Product NA 97,751,550
Two Free Game Tickets NA 60,000,000
325,338,010 numbers of Online Game Prizes
Reward Items Reward Cost and Worth Number Of Rewards
Cash $10,000 10
Grocery Gift Card $1,000 50
Grocery Gift Card $500 200
Grocery Gift Card $200 500
Grocery Gift Card $100 1,000
Grocery Gift Card $50 5,000
Grocery Gift Card $25 31,250
Rouxbe Cooking School $24.99 1,000,000
Nickelodeon 40-pack Oliver’s labels $21.99 300,000
Nickelodeon 12-count Oliver’s labels $5 600,000
Fandango Reward Tokens NA 272,500,000
Google Play Dora ebook, Dora’s Big Buddy Race 99¢ 180,000
Google Play Dora ebook, Meet Kate! 99¢ 144,000
Google Play  Dora eBook, Meet  Pablo! 99¢ 144,000
Google Play  Dora eBook, Meet  Naiya! 99¢ 144,000
Google Play  Dora eBook, Meet  Emma! 99¢ 144,000
Google Play  Dora eBook, Meet  Alana! 99¢ 144,000
Two Free Game Tickets NA 50,000,000
1,753,271 number of  Collect and Win Game Prizes
Reward Items Reward Cost and Worth Number Of Rewards
Cash (30 year annuity) $1,000,000 3
Vacation Home $1,000,000 3
Cash or Luxury Car $100,000 15
Home Makeover $40,000 25
Vehicle of your choice $35,000 25
College Tuition $20,000 50
4-wheelers $10,000 50
Family Vacation $10,000 50
Cash $5,000 50
Groceries $5,000 50
Gas Grill & Groceries $1,500 100
LED HD TV $1,500 100
Cash $1,000 100
Grocery Gift Card $1,000 100
Laptop Computer $1,000 100
Smart Watch $300 600
Grocery Gift Card $500 350
Cash $200 750
Family Picnic $200 750
Cash $100 2,500
Grocery Gift Card $100 2,500
Grocery Gift Card $50 5,000
Cash $25 10,000
Grocery Gift Card $25 10,000
Gift Card Mall $25 10,000
Fandango Gift Card $25 10,000
Grocery Gift Card $15 25,000
Grocery Gift Card $10 37,000
Cash $10 37,000
Grocery Gift Card $5 800,000
Cash $5 800,000


Playing Monopoly Sweepstakes is an amazing way to win exciting gifts worth of $200,000,000. All you have to do is join the contest during the exact time. If you have any further concerns or doubts regarding Play Monoploy Sweepstakes, please lets us know by comments for email us.