Costco Catering Menu Prices and Review

Costco Wholesale Corporation has established its reputation as a popular and low-cost wholesaler, with its warehouses boasting of various selections of many different products.

The company has been known as an outlet store for even the top brands, offered at prices that are less expensive than other wholesale and retail shops.

Costco has been a tough competitor in the wholesale and retail industry since 1983, when its founders James Sinegal and Jeffrey Brotman opened the pioneering branch in Seattle, Washington.

After the success of its first store, the company has expanded to many countries across the world and achieved the honor of being the second largest wholesale and retail store during the year 2015.

Costco Catering Menu Prices

Costco eventually branched out to offering catering service that boasts of its wide array of menu choices. As of now, Costco doesn’t offer catering in the United States and only cater to Australian customers.

The idea of availing the services of Costco catering crosses everyone’s mind whenever there is a big party to organize and catering services are needed. Costco catering is always the first option most of the people who have a tight budget and want to enjoy the delicious taste of Costco party platters. These platters come in a variety of sizes and types.

The organizers of the party are often seen trying to find a catering service that provides inexpensive food yet high-quality to feed the large group of people at the party. There is a variety of products on the menu of Costco to choose from. Costco catering menu never disappoints the people when it comes to choosing the best and affordable Costco party trays.

About Costco Food Catering Menu

Costco Wholesale Corporation is one of the best low-cost wholesalers that have a wide range of products to offer at low price. This company is known across the world for its wholesale deals at very affordable rates by maintaining quality at the same time.

Costco Wholesale Corporation has really given a tough time to its competitors, and it has become one of the largest retail stores across the world., Costco was known among the people for grocery and departmental store items. With its success, it eventually started offering catering services to people around the globe.

Costco Catering Menu Prices

Although Costco doesn’t serve catering in the U.S., Costco deli and Costco bakery do offer plenty of sandwich platters and party platters for your next event. Below is a list of Costco’s latest deli and bakery menu items.



Pizza By the Slice $1.99
18″ Pizza Fully Cooked $9.95
Hot Dog-Comes with 20oz drink-Free Refils $1.50
Polish Sausage-Comes with 20oz drink-Free Refils $1.50
Italian Sausage $2.79
Chicken Bake $2.99
BBQ Brisket Sandwich $4.99
Hot Turkey & Provolone Sandwich $3.99
Chicken Caesar Salad $3.99


Large Pizza $8.00
Hot Dog $1.50


D’Artagnan Spanish Mangalica Dry-cured Boneless Ham $389.99
Daniele Parma Boneless Prosciutto $212.99
D’Artagnan 18-month Aged Boneless Spanish Serrano Ham $199.99
Daniele New York Style Italian Deli Assortment $134.99
Sid Wainer & Son® Celebration Sampler $119.99
Sid Wainer & Son® Ultra Gourmet Gift Collection With Wild Boar Salami $89.99
Daniele Foods Extravagant Naturale 3.8 lb. Collection $84.99
Daniele Mini New York Style Italian Deli Assortment $79.99
Del Duca Boneless Prosciutto by Daniele $74.99
Sid Wainer & Son® Jansal Valley® Fruitwood Antibiotic-Free Smoked Uncured Slab $62.99
Daniele Mini Charcuterie Assortment $59.99
Johnston County Hams Whole Bone-in Prosciutto Style Country Ham $57.99
Trident Seafoods® Smoked Sockeye Salmon, 2 Gift Packs $54.99
Daniele Salame Chub Charcuterie $47.99
Daniele Artisan Salame Collection $37.99


Kirkland Signature™ Aged 24 Months Whole Wheel Parmigiano Reggiano $899.99
Sid Wainer and Son International Cheese Collection $159.99
Sid Wainer and Son Universal Cheese Collection $139.99
Sid Wainer & Son® Celebration Sampler $199.99
Sid Wainer & Son® Entertaining Essentials Cheese Collection $199.99
Sid Wainer and Son Ultimate English Cheese Collection $99.99
Sid Wainer & Son® Chevre Cheese Collection $99.99
Cello® and Cello® Riserva Cheese Sampler $99.99
The Artisanal Cheese Collection $99.99
Sid Wainer and Son Blue Cheese Collection $89.99
Sid Wainer & Son® Party Primer Cheese Collection $89.99
Sid Wainer & Son® Ultra Gourmet Gift Collection With Wild Boar Salami $89.99
Sid Wainer & Son® Global Cheese Collection $89.99
Sid Wainer and Son Cheddar Cheese Collection $79.99


Farmed White Sturgeon Plaza Royale Caviar $99.99
Plaza Osetra Farmed Bulgarian Sturgeon Caviar $109.99
Plaza Osetra Farmed Bulgarian Sturgeon Caviar $199.99
Farmed White Sturgeon Plaza Royale Caviar $199.99
Farmed White Sturgeon Plaza Royale Caviar $199.99
Farmed White Sturgeon Plaza Royale Caviar $359.99
Plaza Osetra Farmed Bulgarian Sturgeon Caviar $379.99
Plaza Golden Osetra Farmed Bulgarian Sturgeon Caviar $559.99


Berry Smootie $1.50
Latte Mocha Freeze $1.50
Berry Sundae $1.65
Chocolate Vanilla Yogurt Swirl $1.35
Churro  $1
20 oz Soda Free Refills $0.59

Costco catering benefits

Many people don’t know about Costco’s catering services. The Costco catering caters thousands of food items to the people. These food items are provided with varied options at large. In other words, people get many options to choose from.

It should be noted here that Costco not only caters to the variety with multiple options but also ensures that the customers get high-quality food at low prices. This feature of the Costco is appreciated by the people

The food items that Costco offers are generally available inside the warehouse of the Costco Companies. The company has aimed to provide convenience to the customers by providing them a variety of food in one place. It saves them from having to dine in expensive restaurants. Whether it is Costco deli menu or the platters menu, customers will always get the extensive food list to choose from

Costco catering services include providing the menu to the customers so that they can make a free and smart selection of food items.


A lot of people may not know that Costco offers a wide variety of foods for parties, events, corporate events, weddings, etc. These Costco party platters are delicious and very reasonably priced. The deli platters are also some of the most popular Costco party food.

If you are looking for a hassle free catering then the Costco party trays are an excellent choice. They have a very good selection of nutritious and delicious ingredients and it doesn’t matter if you are planning a party of 10 or 100, your guests will be very impressed.


With the sandwich platter you will get a great serving of egg mayo, roast beef, chicken mayo, cheese and ham and cheese sandwiches. They come in ready to eat bite sized pieces and are very convenient for your guests.

The sandwich platter is served on catering trays and of course you can remove them from these trays and serve on more elegant and decorative plates. A sandwich platter will be enough for 9 people and costs less than $30.

When you consider the time that it will take you to prepare bite sized sandwiches such as these it really is a good decision to go for the Costco option.  You can use your time more wisely to get other things ready for your party.


Chicken Wing Platter

You should definitely not confine yourself to just a sandwich platter for your party. The chicken wings platter is an ideal choice and comes with a cheese dip which is truly delicious. You get 3 kg of fresh chicken wings with this platter.

One kilogram will normally be enough for 5 guests so you will be able to feed 15 people easily with this standard serving.  Your guests will absolutely love these chicken wings and savor them with relish. And all of this for under $11 is pretty amazing.

The Hye Roller Platter Assortment

If you really want to impress your guests then going for something different that looks great is a good idea. Costco now offer an assorted Hye Roller platter and the items are made from turkey and cheese, beef and cheese, ham and cheese and cheese and tomato.

You will receive 40 bite sized rolled pieces with the Hye Roller platter and this will be enough to satisfy around 30 people. It is unlikely that your guests will have seen anything like this before and it offers tremendous value at under $40.

The Costco Prawn Platter

No great party is complete without freshly cooked prawns and a delicious dip. With the Costco prawn platter you will get 1.58 kg of cooked prawns with lemon slices and a truly wonderful dip that will satisfy the taste buds.

This is another great time saver as you do not want to spend hours peeling and cooking prawns. For under $50 you can get this great prawn platter which serves around 8 people. The platter looks great and will be a real attraction for your guests.

The Costco Cheese And Meat Platter

People like to see a selection of meats and cheeses at a party and Costco have you covered here with their cheese and meat platter. You get 4 different kinds of pre sliced cheeses together with salami and prosciutto.

There are also mozzarella balls which are bite size and very tasty and they look great too. Cherry tomatoes are added to bring that extra color to the platter. The cheese and meat platter will serve up to 20 people for just under $27.

Other Costco party platters include a shrimp platter with cocktail sauce that serves up to 24 people for under $40 and a chicken and Swiss roller that again serves up to 24 people for less than $30.


Costco offers many appetizers for your party and these will be really appreciated by your guests. Here are some of the best appetizers that Costco has to offer:

Tiger Thai Tempura Shrimp

These are sure to go down well. The best parties always include shrimp appetizers and the Tiger Thai Tempura Shrimp will win you many friends. All you have to do is put them into a hot oven and serve them. A very tasty sweet soy sauce for dipping is included and the cost is under $13 for 20 pieces.

Cuisine Adventures Spanakopita

These are little triangles filled with spinach, ricotta, onion, feta and parmesan. They are well seasoned and the phyllo pastry is crisp and buttery. They really taste delicious and your guests will be asking you for more. You get 48 pieces for under $13.

Full Circle Mini Sausage Wraps

Most people like sausages in wraps and this Costco appetizer will not let you down. The little chicken sausages were skewered on a bamboo stick and then wrapped in buttery dough. Serve them with good mustard and everyone will be happy. You get 30 pieces for under $16.

Clear Springs Smoked Rainbow Trout

This is different from the normal smoked salmon and makes for a refreshing change. You get boneless filets which are tender, salty and smoky. The color is attractive and they have a flaky texture and are not overly oily. Best served with crackers and cream cheese and you get 12 ounces for under $8.

Cuisine Adventures Puff Pastry Petites

These are really light and tender and the pastry is made from butter and this will impress your guests as the petites melt in their mouths. There are four flavors which are brie and caramelized onion, herb and garlic cream cheese, four cheeses and roasted garlic and sautéed onion and gorgonzola. You get 48 pieces for under $14.

Del real Carnitas

This is a wonderful appetizer that comes already cooked and all that is needed is a few minutes in the microwave. These are great for Taco parties so remember to provide lots of tortillas and salsa. The meat is very tender and it has a wonderful taste. For under $12 you get 3.5 pounds.

Costco Fruit Platters

No party would ever be complete without a wonderful fruit platter. For under $10 you can get one of their fresh cut fruit bowls which consists of 3 pounds of fruit. You get cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, red grapes and strawberries.

How to Order from Costco Catering

Surely, there’s more to Costco than just reasonable household and office supplies. The company has also been a household name for providing a wide array of food menu to please people’s tastes.

The company’s most popular option is the Costco Deli Platter consisting of Assorted Hye Roller Platter, Prawn Platter, Sandwich Platter and Chicken Wings Platter.

The ordering process is simple, too. A customer just needs to visit Costco’s official deli department website and look for the “Order” tab. The platter options will be shown and the customer needs to tick on the specific platter he/she wishes to order and specify the order quantity.

Delivery details are also to be inputted and placing of the order can be done after the information sheet has been accomplished. For easier and faster processing of orders, ordering can also be done via phone call and personal visit to any Costco Food Court branch.

Customers are advised to place their order at least 48 hours prior to the event. The company ensures fresh servings to its customers so they need ample time for preparations. For order cancellations, it’s necessary for the customer to call his/her preferred store branch as soon as possible.

For more information on Costco catering menu prices, visit their official website