wmlink/2step on a walmart – Walmartone 2-Step Verification Guide 2022

If you are a Walmart employee and looking for the procedure to set up wmlink/2step verification code to log in to your account on the employee portal and understand why it is required, and how it will be helpful, I’d recommend going through this article completely.

It is a complete guide to understanding the whole process and why it is necessary if you are working in a Walmart store.

When a company grows to several thousand employees, it becomes hard for the company to manage all of them.

Walmartone 2-Step Verification Guide

They set up a centralized system for the /employee where they can access all the latest information about the company, their salary slips, appraisal details, leaves, benefits, and everything else. The same thing is done by Walmart as well.

Walmart has set up a separate portal for the workers called OneWalmart (WIRE), where the workers can log in using ASDA credentials and access all employee-related details.

This could be done if you are on the Walmart network or inside the store. If you are away from the Walmart network and still want to access your details, you’ll have to enter ASDA credentials along with 6 digits rotational code which is also called 2 step verification code that I’m going to teach in this article. ie. how to set up One Walmart 2-step verification: wmlink/2step

What is Walmartone 2-Step Verification?

Walmartone 2 Step Verification (2SV) can be described as an alternating six-digit code that can be used in addition to your regular Asda login. It is possible to provide the code via phone, text message, or application.

 Why do I need wmlink/2step?  

Walmartone Two-Step verification is required if you require access to WalmartOne via your phone (e.g., mobile phone, tablet). You’ll need to enter this second verification code at the prompt to ensure that our information is safe.

NOTE: If you are using Workplace by Facebook on your device, you may already have this configuration and will not need to do it again.

 How to Sign Up for a 2-Step Verification?  

  • First, visit the Walmartone official website for 2-step Verification within your store location at https://wmlink.walmart.com/2step.
  • You’ll arrive at Walmart Wire’s Workstation.
  • Please use the search bar and then search for 2-step verification or 2-factor verification.
  • A Walmartone Sign-Up Page will open.
  • Please enter the required details and follow the instructions on the screen provided on the web page to register to be a step-verified user.

 How To Do 2-Step Verification at Walmart?  

  • Click on the following link while on the Asda network to set this up – Symantec VIP 2 Step Verification (https://svipreg.wal-mart.com)
  • Log in using your Asda PC username along with your Password.
  • Please ensure that you select the United Kingdom is selected.
  • Check that your name appears in the upper right corner. If it isn’t, sign off and sign in again when ready.

Then, select from the choices offered for a voice message, text messaging, or an app. This is how you’ll receive the six-digit code you log in to at www.WalmartOne.com using your mobile device later.


  • Please choose your country’s code first.
  • Then, please enter your phone number, minus the 0 before it.
  • Please enter the code to send so that your numbers can be checked.
  • You’ll receive a 6-digit code that will need the user to enter.
  • Then submit


  • Please choose the country code first.
  • Enter your phone number, but without the zero in front.
  • After that, please enter the same number and then submit.


  • The first step is installing the VIP Access app through the App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android.
  • Once you’ve installed and installed the VIP Access app, you’ll be required to enter the Credential ID along with the Security Code you obtained from the app.
  • Then submit
  • Official Website: one.walmart.com

How to Setup Walmart Two-Step Verification on Mobile?

If you want the verification code with six numbers by SMS, follow this.

  • Select “Setup Text Messaging”
  • When you select text messaging, choose the location (United Kindom) and enter your mobile number.
  • Click on the blue “Send Code” to verify your mobile number.
  • The security number on your phone, which you have to enter to complete the procedure. Enter the code and then click on the “Submit” “Submit” button, and the verification process will be accomplished in just two steps using a text message.

How to Change the Verification Method?

If you want to change the verification method for any reason, you can do it pretty easily. Yes, if you want to receive 6 digit verification code through an App instead of a call or text message you can do it and vice versa.

To be precise, you can switch from any one method to any other. Here is how to do it

Step:1– You will have to log in to Wire Portal, so be ready with your credentials.

Step:2– Use the same portable that you’ve used for setting up the 2 step verification code. Go to WIRE Portal and enter the details.

Step:3– Select any of the available three options to change the method of your choice. It is simple as that.

Wmlink/2step to the Wal-Mart website

In Walmart Wmlink/2, there is a two-step procedure that consumers have to complete to be eligible for two-fold verification and validation of Walmart speculation. 

It is most effective when consumers decide to remove it from their residences. When customers have decided on the location of their store in Walmart, it won’t take too long for the 2SV custom to be finished.

In the article above, Wmlink/2step serves an actual purpose and reach that permits the daily low price for customers, which allows them to establish a stable and robust customer base.

Common Issues with the 2 Steps Verification Method

Many issues arise when applying the method of two steps verification.

A secure system doesn’t necessarily mean that the system is free of flaws. In the same way, although two-step verification can be an effective security measure, it doesn’t guarantee that the process of logging in is smooth for all users. 

A few of you may encounter technical issues and may be unable to sign in to the accounts you have with Walmart accounts. You don’t need to fret as we’ll be looking at a few of these issues and the best way to solve these issues.

Let’s begin with the easiest and simple ones, shall we?

Walmartone Login Guide

It’s extremely important to have an account with a Walmartone-associated account. In addition to having the ability to review your timetable and other benefits of the account, you get access to your corporate reports and pay statements. 

Make sure you log in to Walmartone to your account before you can access all of the vital information you require.

The WIN number is required to register. WIN is for Walmart Identification Number, which will give the employee’s date of hire and other personal details, distinct from how one can log in on Walmart Wire.

Many workers are having trouble searching for the winning number. But, don’t worry, such issues can be resolved using the scanner used for the badge. 41 is the serial number that begins the WIN. The other numbers comprise your unique number.

How to be a Member of Walmartone?

* The first phase of registration is to start the link of Walmartone Registration page: https://www.walmartbenefits.com/Registration/Home.action .* Select the language of your liking. 

* You must enter your Walmart identification number, i.e., WIN. It is a unique code that was assigned to you at the time you started working at Walmart. If you’re unsure about WIN, there’s no reason to worry. 

You can obtain this information by two methods, ask your manager or contact the telephone. 

* Enter your birthday details. 

* Also, you must enter the date you were employed. If you cannot remember the date of your hire, you can check with your employee representative or supervisor. 

* Enter your appropriate e-mail address. Finally, select the Go button.

Fixing Problems with Walmartone Login

Even if you already have the correct information about your user account, there could be difficulties when logging in. A prime example is that you cannot remember your username or password. The site provides the links you need to solve this problem. 

You can recover your password once you’ve completed the security question correctly and then reset it. 

If you’ve forgotten the answers to your security questions, contact Walmart’s Human resources department of Walmart by calling 800 421 1362

‘User Not Found’ error 

Some error messages might be shown to you when you log in, which happens if you’ve entered your login credentials incorrectly. If you do not find any error regarding your login, call the HR department and request assistance in this regard.

Common Issues with the 2 Steps Verification Method

A secure system doesn’t mean a system without bugs. Similarly, 2 step verification may be a secure method, but it doesn’t guarantee a smooth login process for everyone. Some of you might face some technical issues and not be able to login into your Walmart accounts. Well, no need to worry because we are going to see a few such issues and how to fix them.

So how about we begin with the obvious and simple ones, shall we.

The Amnesia kind

Isn’t the heading obvious, if it isn’t, then let me tell you that I’m talking about the ones who forget their password. For such people, this small tutorial should be useful. So on the login page for the Walmart account after you have entered the user ID, selected country, and location, the next thing is the password.

Since you don’t remember it(cause amnesia), click the forgot password option. This will prompt you to enter the email address, and when you do, a password reset link is sent to the mail. Use it to change the password. That’s it, hopefully, you won’t forget this.

The Trash in Your Cache 

While the possibility of this error is very low, it doesn’t hurt to run a simple clean for your browser cache. Try clearing your browser cache and cookies, this simple thing could work.

Sometimes there can be a few other minor things that can an issue for the 2 step verification login. In such cases, you also try things like resetting your network connection since a slow network can be a probable cause, use a different browser than the one you have been using, sometimes heavy traffic on the server can prevent login in that case just wait for a while.

In case you are using the WalmartOne app then it is not surprising that you cannot log in. That’s because Walmart has released another new app for the same users, so the old app is obsolete. So download the new app which is OneWalmart(should have brainstormed a little more here).

For users who are facing some different issue and cannot find any solution should try contacting the OneWalmart customer support. Such users can contact them using these numbers 1-800-775-5944, 1-844-292-4796, or mail them your query to [email protected]. Another option is to visit their support page to look for solutions – https://one.walmart.com/content/usone/en_us/company/site-policies—support

You can visit wmlink/2step verification any time you want and test the solutions that we have shared here. You must be a Walmart employee to do so.

Walmart Workforce

When you have such a huge number of stores across the world, you will also need a skilled workforce to run them and Walmart does have a massive number of employees. I don’t think you can guess this, but the workforce for this company is a whopping number of 2.2 million employees.

It has around 1.5 million employees domestically alone and the rest of 700,000 employees work in their international branches. All these employees operate various supermarkets, hypermarkets, discount stores, and grocery stores across the country and internationally. Imagine the kind of internal work that goes on in their stores.

Their products include everything from grocery, health, cosmetics, sports equipment, entertainment, and many other things. Users and employees can also create an account on their website and order all kinds of things and get them delivered to their doorsteps. Employees also have a separate portal called the Walmart Wire, which can be used to manage their schedules and check paystubs.

This Wire Walmart associate portal can only be accessed by those employed at Walmart using the right online account credentials.

How to contact Walmart Customer Support?  

If you’d like to get in touch with Walmart customer service, you can visit their customer support portal or call them at 1-(800)925-6278.

FAQs – Walmartone 2-Step Verification

What is OneWalmart or WIRE Portal?

It’s a website for the employees to access their member area wherein they get all the updates about the company, the latest news, payslips, check to leave status, employee benefits, and everything else. This portal is different from the one you use for online shopping and is available for employees only.

Why is WalmartOne App not working?

If you are trying to use the Walmart one app from your mobile and the app doesn’t work then just uninstall it. This isn’t sarcasm, I say this because the Walmart One App has been replaced by One Walmart. So now you have to install this new app to access your account on the portal.

What is the Walmart Wire?

It is a members-only online portal for the people employed at Walmart to access all kinds of work-related info. Through most of the employees only use it to check on their pay stubs and schedule, the portal also offers various kinds of news on the company, check leaves, make leave requests etcetera.

What is 2step Verification?

It’s a 6-digit dynamic code that keeps changing every minute and needs to enter while login into the member-only portal for an employee to access their account.

2 Step verification is mandatory for the employee to login to their member area on the member-only portal- WIRE Portal when they are not on the Walmart network/ away from the Walmart store.

Why 2 Step verification mandatory?

It adds an extra layer of security to save employee’s member area from unauthorized access, especially when the employee is away from the Walmart store.

What are the ways to receive a verification code?

There are three different methods to receive 6 digit verification code- Voice Call, App or Text Messaging!

Can we change the verification method at any time?

Yes, you can change the verification method at any point in time.

When do I use 2-Step Verification?

If you log into your account to view your schedule and benefits or pay slip on your device (e.g., tablet, home computer, or mobile phone), you will be asked to select the preferred method to receive a unique verification code.

Do I have to sign up in 2SV to be able to use OneWalmart if I’m already using a Yubikey or Google Authenticator?

Yes. To access OneWalmart using any personal device, it is necessary to join Symantec VIP for 2-Step Verification. 

You already use the Google Authenticator and Yubikey when you log in to your workstation or connect via VPN.

Do I have to use 2SV to verify this information from the club or store?

If you verify your information on a corporate computer or device, you do not need to utilize 2SV (2-Step Verification).

How do I join 2SV?

Go to wmlink/2step on a computer connected to your company’s network. Follow the steps that are outlined.

I have a new number. What do I do to register the new number?

You’ll need to call your support phone number (below) to request that they erase the previously used account. You can then sign in to your new account using the steps in the above paragraph.

For Field associates and Stores in the US, contact us by contacting Field Support by calling 479-273-4357.

To contact Home Office associates, contact us via Home Office Support at 479-273-8866.

Who can I reach for assistance?

For associates in the United States For associates based in the US, please get in touch with Field Support at 479-273-4357. 

Please reach out to your local help desk for associates based in other countries.

The final words

This is everything you need to know about Walmartone Two-Step verification one.walmart.com.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and that it has been a great help. If you’re having issues with the Walmartone 2-Step verification, then please feel free to post a comment. I enjoy helping all of you. Thanks!