Walmart Credit Card Login and Payment Online

The complete information regarding your Walmart Credit Card Personal login portal to access your account online, make payments and reach customer service.

Please note: The Walmart credit cards are issued by Capital One; you will make payments and receive customer service from Capital One.

How to Apply for a Walmart Credit Card

Walmart Credit Card Login and Payment Online

The Process of Applying for a Walmart Credit Card is fairly simple, to apply for a Walmart card first you have to set up an account. Follow the step-by-step guide mentioned below to successfully enroll for applying for a Walmart credit card.

  1. Open the, On the Homepage of the website.
  2. Click on the tab “Set Up My Account” which opens up the Capital One enrollment page.
  3. Enter your personal information like First and Last Name, Social Security Number or alternately you can give your Bank Account Number, Home Address, Zip Code, City, State, Mobile Number.
  4. Click on the tab saying “Find Me” placed below the form you just filled
  5. Complete the above steps to create your Walmart Capital One online account username and password.

Types of Walmart Credit cards

Capital One Walmart Rewards Mastercard:– Which is the most common credit card. You have a higher chance to get eligibility for this card if you have a good credit score.  You can use this card literally anywhere.

Walmart Rewards Card: If your Credit score is not enough to be eligible for a Capital One credit card, then the bank will issue you a Walmart Rewards Mastercard. The only drawback of the card is you can use it only in Walmart and its affiliated stores/outlets.

Please note: Both cards have a cash-back offer of 5% on all qualifying transactions, Security alerts, card locks, and zero dollar fraud liability, and no annual fees.

Walmart Credit Card Login Portal – Walmart Credit Card Account Access

You can follow the below Walmart Credit Card Login process to access your online account:

  1. Access a web browser and visit the  Walmart Credit Card official login website below.
  2. Click here to Log in to make payments and manage your account.
  3. Press the “Sign In” icon.
  4. Enter your account username.
  5. Now, provide your respective account password.
  6. Then, press  “Submit”.

Walmart Credit Card Features and Benefits

  • Add Your Walmart Credit Card.
  • View your account and balance.
  • Pay Your Bill.
  • See your transaction.
  • View your rewards points.
  • Make a payment.
  • Perform all types of account services like set up autopay, change payment due date, view payment activity.

Customer Service

Below is the official Walmart Mastercard and Walmart store credit card phone number

Customer Service: 1-800-227-4825
Apply for a credit card: 1-800-695-5500
Secured Card Make an Initial deposit: 1-800-219-7931
Fraud Protection: 1-800-427-9428 or 1-800-239-7054
International collect calls to report a lost or stolen card: 1-804-934-2001
Online banking support: 1-866-750-0873

Payment Address

Walmart/Capital One
Attn: Payment Processing
PO Box 71083
Charlotte, NC 28272-1083