Walmart Catering Menu Prices & Food Guide

The Walmart catering menu prices shown below were updated one week ago. Walmart catering prices, as well as prices for Walmart party platters and party trays, Walmart sandwich platters, and other menu items, are exactly what you’d expect from the retail giant – very affordable and inexpensive, with pretty good quality. The retailing giant also offers Walmart fruit trays and kid’s party trays, and specific menu platters, such as chicken platters, meat platters, pizza platters, etc.

The Walmart party trays and catering menu can be found in various sizes, depending on the platter. Small platters generally serve 10 or more people, with large party platters serving 25. Obviously, multiple large party platters can be purchased and arranged for larger events. Walmart also offers cold catering breakfast options (such as bagels, etc.) and a reasonable selection of dessert trays, cakes, and cookie platters.

Walmart Catering Menu Prices

Below is a complete list of Walmart catering prices as well as Walmart party platters, sandwich platters, breakfast platters, and other options for large gatherings, parties, and events.

Walmart catering services

Walmart catering has become one of the most profit-making businesses. Anyone needing to avail of the catering services can contact the catering service providers present on Walmart. People can avail of the Walmart catering services for their formal events such as corporate events and promotional campaigns and also for casual events such as casual parties.

Catering service providers on Walmart come with the Walmart catering menu of dishes they cater to. Customers can compare the menus of different caterers in order to determine which caterer is going to be the best and most affordable for them. The Walmart catering menu prices are the basis on which the business of most of the caterers lies. However, some people also take the quality of the food into consideration instead of the prices.

Benefits of Walmart catering services

  1. Walmart is known across the world for its high-quality services at very low prices. Despite the fact that Walmart offers most of the catering items at a low price, it never makes any compromise on the quality of the products. Therefore, the people who want to get reasonable prices catering services for their low budget event can choose the Walmart catering services.
  2. People who want to promote their business can choose to work with Walmart. Millions of people have got opportunities to promote their catering business and make more profit.
  3. The catering menu of Walmart is growing consistently that has managed to provide extensive food choices to people
  4. Walmart’s series of platters with a variety of items has managed to make people get a big treat on any type of occasion

What do Walmart caterers offer?

One of the most common items offered by most of the caterers on Walmart is the party platter that is a combination of sandwiches, chicken wings, and chopped meat. In addition to the platter, people can also get customized food items on the basis of their choice and the type of event that is organizing which is the reason why people get a huge collection of food items to choose from





A variety of meats and cheeses served up on fresh Hawaiian rolls.
12″ Small (serves 6-8) $14.00
16″ Medium (serves 12-16) $26.00
18″ Large (serves 15-20) $34.00


A tray of convenient, made-fresh sandwiches. Ham, roast beef, and turkey are paired with cheeses and white and wheat bread. Garnished with cherry tomatoes.
16″ Medium (serves 16-20) $32.00
18″ Large (serves 20-24) $42.00


The goodness of meats, cheeses, and vegetables, all rolled into one. Choose from Italian, turkey, or chicken bacon ranch.
Small (24 pinwheels) $14.00
Medium (48 pinwheels) $24.00


Build your sub with any combination of the following meats and cheeses: ham, turkey, roast beef, Swiss, and/or American cheese. Garnish with lettuce, tomato, and onion. Mustard and mayonnaise are available upon request.
2-Foot Sub, over 2 1/2 lbs. of meat and cheese (serves 8-10) $18.00
4-Foot Sub, over 5 lbs. of meat and cheese (serves 16-20) $28.00
6-Foot Sub, over 7 1/2 lbs. of meat and cheese (serves 25-30) $32.00


Includes roast beef, turkey and Black Forest ham with Muenster, cheddar and Swiss cheeses. Served with a center cup of olives and garnished with cherry tomatoes.
12″ Small (serves 8-12) $24.00
16″ Medium (serves 15-20) $42.00
18″ Large (serves 20-25) $48.00


Includes sliced sharp cheddar, Colby Jack, Muenster, provolone, pepper Jack, and Swiss cheeses from our Deli and a sharp cheddar cheese ball.
16″ Medium (serves 15-18) $34.00
18″ Large (serves 20-25) $48.00


Includes Prima Della® smoked turkey, roast beef, hard salami, Virginia ham, and Black Forest ham. Served with a center cup of olives and garnished with cherry tomatoes.
16″ Medium (serves 15-18) $34.00
18″ Large (serves 20-25) $48.00


Create your own selection of rolls. Choose from plain or topped Kaiser, ciabatta, sub rolls, dinner rolls, and bolillos.
18″ Platter (serves 18-24)
12 Kaiser Rolls, 6 Ciabatta Rolls, 6 Bolillos Rolls


Top off your deli sandwiches with fresh sliced tomatoes, sliced black olives, lettuce, red onions, pickles, sliced jalapeños, and sliced peppers.
12″ Small (serves 15-20) $18.00
16″ Medium (serves 20-25) $26.00


Cooked and ready-to-serve chilled shrimp with savory cocktail sauce and lemon slices.
12″ Small (serves 16-20) $34.00
16″ Medium (serves 26-30) $48.00


Loaded with hearty meats and flavorful cheeses including hard salami, ham, smoked turkey breast, provolone, sharp cheddar, and Swiss. Includes a cheese ball and cherry tomato garnish.
16″ Medium (serves 15-18) $34.00
18″ Large (serves 20-25) $48.00


Bite-size cubes of Colby Jack, Swiss, sharp cheddar, pepper Jack, Muenster, and provolone cheeses. Includes a cheese ball and grapes.
16″ Medium (serves 15-18) $34.00
18″ Large (serves 20-25) $42.00


Garden-fresh veggies and creamy ranch dressing. Select any six of the following: cherry tomatoes, broccoli, squash, carrots, cauliflower, celery, radishes, and green onions.
16″ Medium (serves 15-20) $34.00
18″ Large (serves 20-25) $48.00


Cheese sticks, jalapeno poppers, and popcorn chicken with ranch dressing for dipping. Garnished with cherry tomatoes.
16″ Medium (serves 15-20) $28.00
18″ Large (serves 20-25) $38.00


Spicy Buffalo chicken wings and boneless barbecue wings with ranch dressing for dipping. Garnished with carrots and celery sticks.
12″ Small (serves 12-16) $18.00
16″ Medium (serves 20-24) $32.00
18″ Large (serves 28-32) $38.00


Build-your-own tray. Pick 1, 2, or 3 chicken favorites. Options include crispy popcorn chicken, chicken tenders, and regular or boneless Buffalo wings. Served with ranch dressing.
16″ Medium (serves 15-20) $28.00
18″ Large (serves 20-25) $44.00


Corn dogs and cheese sticks with plenty of honey mustard for dipping. These kid-friendly favorites are great for any occasion.
16″ Medium (serves 8-12) $24.00


Say it sweetly with a customized cookie for any occasion.
12″ Message Cookie $8.48

How to Order from Walmart Catering

In addition to the usual standard party platters that include chicken wings, chopped meats and sandwiches, Walmart Catering also customizes pastries for any occasion.

In fact, Walmart’s Catering is one the highest profit earning department in the company. This is a manifestation of how their food selections are well-patronized by the customers.

Walmart Catering does not have any website to accommodate online orders. The customer is advised to call any local Walmart branch to confirm the availability and price of the desired food choice.

An information sheet must be accomplished and submitted to the customer’s preferred branch along with a valid ID. The staff then will go over the details of the order and confirm it afterwards.

It is recommended for customers to place orders at least one day in advance, especially for large events. This gives enough time for Walmart to prepare the orders and deliver them fresh and appetizing.