What do Elk and a Tillamook B&B have in common?


Elk at a Tillamook B&B

We both share the beautiful natural areas around Sandlake Country Inn! Surrounded by 167 acres of preserved land, our Tillamook b&b is close to the ocean as well as forests and wetlands. This morning, innkeeper Ron ventured into the back area of Sandlake Country Inn and found several cows grazing. We never know when they’ll show up or any of the other wildlife for that matter. That’s one of the great advantages of living in the country!

Tillamook Elk

Sandlake Country Inn is just 20 minutes from downtown Tillamook and is a great alternative to staying at a Tillamook hotel or motel. Tillamook county is filled with natural areas. When visitors think of Tillamook of course the first thought is the famous Tillamook Cheese Factory. There’s far more to Tillamook than just the factory.

Take a few days and explore parts of the Oregon coast that combine stunning ocean beaches, hikes and nature. We’ve got a trip planning guide to help you figure out where to explore.

Elk on the Oregon Coast

We’re not sure exactly what part of the North Oregon Coast this was filmed, but it’s pretty amazing!