Jimmy Johns catering menu has been rated one of the best catering services around. Jimmy Johns requests that you give them advance notice of at least 24 hours for catering orders. However, if it’s an emergency, they will do their best to satisfy your requests. Some of the dishes they offer for catering are Party Planners – which consist of 15 to 30 pieces of platters, mix, and match. Just pick any sub-mix and the restaurant will do all the rest. Box Lunches – customers can choose any sub or club. They can also choose chips, giant cookies & pickle spears in a perfect box, easy to carry and easy to use.

Below are the latest approximate Jimmy Johns’s catering menu prices for the entire Jimmy John’s Catering menu including Party Platters, Party Subs, Box Lunches, and Extras. Please be advised that Jimmy Johns is a Franchise and each store sets its own catering prices. Please contact your local Jimmy Johns for their latest catering prices and information.

Jimmy Johns Catering Menu


Jimmy Johns is a company which always provides top-class catering at an affordable prices for years. Their made treat on the table is a fresh bread combined with meat and vegetables and contains to adding or other chemicals. It’s catering with reasonable prices is a perfect tool to impress your guests. The staff of the company kindly ask to place the order at least 24 hours beforehand so that they will prepare everything perfectly.

Menu description Price
Jimmy John’s 8″ Sub Sandwiches
The Veggie 8 in. $5,99
J.J.B.L.T 8 in. $5,99
Totally Tuna® 8 in. $5,99
Turkey Tom® 8 in. $5,99
Vito® 8 in. $5,99
Pepe® 8 in. $5,99
Big John® 8 in. $5,99
Jimmy John’s Plain Slims®
Ham & Cheese 8 in. $4.49
Roast Beef 8 in. $4.49
Tuna Salad 8 in. $4.49
Turkey Breast 8 in. $4.49
Salami, Capicola, Cheese 8 in. $4.49
Double Provolone 8 in. $4.49
Jimmy John’s Giant Club Sandwiches
Bootlegger Club® 8 in. $7.49
Club Tuna® 8 in. $7.49
Club Lulu® 8 in. $7.49
Hunter’s Club® 8 in. $7.49
Country Club® 8 in. $7.49
Beach Club® 8 in. $7.49
Gourmet Veggie Club® 8 in. $7.49
Gourmet Smoked Ham Club 8 in. $7.49
Billy Club® 8 in. $7.49
Italian Night Club® 8 in. $7.49
Ultimate Porker™ 8 in. $7.49
Other Sub Sandwiches
The J.J. Gargantuan® 8 in. $8,99
Jimmy John’s Party Platters
15 Piece Sandwiches Platter 5 sandwiches $35,99
30 Sandwiches Platter 10 sandwiches $65,99
Jimmy John’s Party Subs
Party Sub 2′ $48,99
Party Sub 4′ $96,99
Party Sub 6′ $144,99
Jimmy John’s Party Sides
Chocolate Chunk Cookie Tray 12 Pc. $17.99
Raisin Oatmeal Cookie Tray 12 Pc. $17.99
Six Of Each Cookie Tray 12 Pc. $17.99
Jumbo Kosher Dill Pickle Bucket $4.50

Jimmy Johns Catering Prices

Except providing delicious and fresh meals Jimmy Johns do really care about quality of products they use daily to cook their branded dishes and they strictly demand this from their suppliers. Jimmy Johns staff prepare the best hand-crafted sandwiches you have ever eaten! Being professionals in their field, these guys are really passionate about what they do! Everything for you to enjoy!

Jimmy Johns catering services are always of the highest quality and would be a perfect solution for your event. Your guests would be very much pleased and impressed with the subs made of real meats, fresh bread, and veggies. It is recommended to place your order at Jimmy John’s a bit in advance, in 24 hours. But you have a small order it can be processed within a shorter period of time.

Jimmy Johns menu has three main packages with prices, which you can learn in detail below and make the best choice.

Party Platters

Menu description Price
15 piece platter (5 sandwiches) $26.50
30 piece platter (10 sandwiches $52.00

Party Subs

Jimmy Johns offers 2feet, 4feet, or 6feet subs. Pick what type of sub you want and they will build you a jumbo party sub.

Menu description Prices
2 feet $50
4 feet $100
6 feet $150



Menu description Prices
Chocolate Chunk Cookie – 400Cal $1.75
Raisin Oatmeal Cookie – 365Cal $1.75
BBQ Jimmy Chips – 150Cal $1.50
Jalapeño Jimmy Chips – 150Cal $1.50
Thinny Jimmy Chips – 130Cal $1.50
Regular Jimmy Chips – 150Cal $1.50
Salt & Vinegar Jimmy Chips – 150Cal $1.50
Jumbo Kosher Dill Pickle – 20Cal $1.50


Menu description Prices
Fountain Drinks – M – 0-250Cal $2
Fountain Drinks – L – 0-230Cal $2.25
Lemonade – M $2
Lemonade – L $2.25
Iced Tea – Unsweet – M $2
Iced Tea – Unsweet – L $2.25
Iced Tea – Sweet – M $2
Iced Tea – Sweet – L $2.25
Bottled Water – 0Cal $1.75

Jimmy Johns Catering Menu

Box Lunches

If you are looking for something simple then Jimmy Johns box lunches are perfect for you. Jimmy Johns’s perfect box comes with your choice of sub, chips, giant cookie, and pickle spear. The box is easy to carry and easy to use, perfect for corporate catering.

Box Lunches
Pepe (Minimum of 4) $7.95
Big John (Minimum of 4) $7.95
Totally Tuna (Minimum of 4) $7.95

Jimmy Johns Catering Service

To order catering you may contact one of their restaurants by phone, either online or at one of their numerous local stores. Their delivery is established at more than 2,500 outlets and in 46 states all over the United States. They accept catering orders various by size and always ready to make concessions to their customers, who need food in shorter terms.

Jimmy Johns brand was founded in Charleston, Illinois by Jimmy John Liautaud. His father suggested two options for his further career – to go to the army or to start his own business, so Jimmy decided to start his business. The distinctive feature of Jimmy John’s chain is cold sub and one size – 8 inches, which they offer in their menu. That makes their prices competitive and allows staying on the market for such a long period of time, running a successful business. Jimmy Johns offers the customers sandwiches, chips, cookies, and soda. Now, this is a fast-growing company operating in the US. During the last period, they keep expanding activity and open about 200 new locations each year.

Starting in 1983 as a small sandwich store in Illinois, their restaurant deserved huge popularity and became a large franchised chain of sandwich restaurants in the USA. And they really hold the brand!


Jimmy John’s is famous for its fresh gourmet sandwiches that are all made from scratch and made using the highest quality of ingredients available. Here are some of their catering menu items you should try at your next event:

  • Mini Jimmy – a box with an assortment of individually packed half sandwiches, which includes Gourmet Smoked Ham Club, Billy Club, Italian Night Club, Hunter’s Club, Country Club, Beach Club, Gourmet Veggie Club, Bootleggers Club, Club Tuna, Club Lulu and Ultimate Porker.
  • Individual Lunch Boxes – your choice of any slim, sub, or club sandwich, served with a bag of chips, giant cookie, and a pickle spear. Comes in an easy-to-carry box.


If you are looking for a fast-food restaurant that offers fresh gourmet sandwiches, Jimmy John’s is a great choice. With their wide selection of made-from-scratch sandwiches, you can be sure not you are not only serving your guests with filling snacks, but with healthy ones too.