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innkeepers Diane & Ron Emineth

Ron & Diane Emineth

Your Innkeepers

Your  Innkeepers: Diane & Ron Emineth

Hospitality and travel are what makes us happy! Loving to travel has brought us all over the world and enriched our lives. We hope that no matter where you’ve traveled from to come and stay with us, you’ll head back home feeling like you’ve taken a little part of us back with you. 

A crazy whirlwind swept through our lives in 2001. Changing careers, getting married and picking up our lives in Los Angeles and buying our beautiful bed and breakfast, Sandlake Country Inn! We can’t believe how fast the years have flown by and how quickly we adapted to life in Oregon and the Oregon coast. Oregon is and always will be our home. Whether you’re an Oregonian or a visitor, we know you will also fall in love with our special section of the Oregon coast and we look forward to sharing our little piece of heaven with you.

Now for a little background on each of us:

Diane – For the 23 years before becoming an innkeeper, Diane had been a professional musician in Los Angeles. Playing the viola & violin brought her all over the world and recorded or performed with many different major artists in both the classical world as well as pop and rock. In Los Angeles, she was active in both orchestral, musical theater and studio recordings. But, after many years as like any job, burn out occurred. For approximately 15 years, she had the thought in the back of her mind that if she ever gave up the music business she would want to have her own B&B.  That dream became a reality July 5, 2001.

Ron – After working in customs brokerage for the 5 years before becoming an innkeeper, Ron was ready for a change! Little did he know at that point what a big change he had in his future. Soon after meeting Diane in 1998 they were able to explore their love of travel together and have traveled all over the world. Now his office is maintaining the great outdoors at Sandlake Country Inn and making and living up to his title of Mr. Fixit.


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